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Today Telecom Equipment is providing the followings services to its valued customers through out Pakistan

Telecom Solutions           

  •             PCM, Installation
  •             PDH, SDH, DWDM Installation
  •             DXX Tellab Equipment Installation
  •             GSM Repeaters installation
  •             Digital Microwave Installation
  •             BTS Installation


Telecom Electrification 

  •             Electrification On, MSC, BSC and BTS Sites
  •             Digital Microwave
  •             BTS Hardware Installation
  •             Testing and Commissioning

Data Networks 

  • LAN / WAN Installation
  • Sale & Services of Computer equipment
  • Sale & Services of LAN / WAN equipment (layer 2 / 3 switches, Routers & WIC Modules)
  • ISP Setup (Servers installation & configurations e.g. DNS, Proxy, Email, DHCP, FTP, WEB)
  • Dialup Networking solutions.
  • PRIs installation & confirmations.
  • Complete solution of DSL services including supply, installation & configuration of DSLM and modems.
  • CCTV solutions.

Telecom Supply


  • Patch Cord,
  • Pig Tail
  • Adopter
  • O.D.F Wall Mounting+ Rack Mounting
  • Joint Enclosure
  • Switches
  • Splicing Unit
  • D-9 Connectors
  • A-8 Connectors
  • P-112 Racks (DDF)
  • E-3 Cable P-20 Racks (Coaxial)
  • Telecom Rack Cabinets/ Strips / Tag Blokes
  • Modems (All kinds)  ADSL/ SHDSL
  • Cable Mattel Glands
  • All type of connectors.
  • All type of Telecommunication Cable.
  • Power Cable
  • Power Back up solutions. (AC / DC)


We can determine whether a problem with your equipment is hardware or software related by using various diagnostic tools.


 We offer several different types of upgrades including the installation of, internal Structure products.


We offer low-cost, convenient repair services as well as advice and assistance with system upgrades, preventive maintenance and other non-repair service

Drop-off Repair Service

We have a drop-off service at our different locations any equipment that is in need of repair. Please or additional information or to arrange a time to drop-off your damaged equipment.

 On-Site Repair Service

If your equipment needs repaired but you are unable to drop it off at any location, we can visit your work site to evaluate and fix the problems you are experiencing.

Maintenance Contracts

We provide service subscriptions for many brands of Telecom equipment.
When equipment needs to be returned to the manufacturer for repair, we can arrange for the shipment of your unit whether it is in warranty or out-of-warranty.


 We offer services to ensure peak performance and help you detect the cause of any problems you are having with your equipment.

 Civil Works

  •  We offer all Kind of Civil work Building, Structure, Survey, Renovation, Electricity, and Street Lights & Land Scalping.
  • OFC Excavation Digging Laying Backfilling and Making Trench Kacha and Pacca.
  • Also make Handholds for OFC Duct roots.

General Order

 We are also deals in all kind of General orders all goods Stationery Items Computers branded none branded Accessories Printers Tonners Computer papers Fax Roll