Telecommunication Equipment was established in 1993, a leading provider of Telecommunications and IT Solution services in Pakistan, Kabul (Afghanistan) with a clear vision to provide high quality yet economically priced in Pakistan. In the last few years we have experienced unprecedented growth and today TE is regarded as one of the top companies in the communication industry. Our mission is to promote Telecom Technology in Pakistan. In this context, Telecom Equipments is proud of its status as the Pakistani Telecom Company that has always fought to make the more accessible.  Our commitment is to anticipate and satisfied the customers’ communication requirements with a range of top quality products and services. TE works together as a team, sharing experience and knowledge and concentrates on the goal of developing high quality and value added services. With the spirit of pioneers, we encourage creativity and innovation to be as competitive and as cutting edge as possible. We strive to have the power of a corporate player allied to the dynamism and enthusiasm of an entrepreneurial start-up. We take pride in being the leader in Telecom based communications and can provide DXX Tellabs, Digital microwave & BTS Installations, GSM Repeater, DSL, Fiber, E-1, E-3, T45 of Telecom solutions. Whether you are a small business or a large multi-national, our corporate Telecommunication will surely meet your needs and your budgets; striking the ultimate balance between performance and affordability. Detail of our Product and services is mentioned below: In 2000 TE launched a new Product Line Professional World for Telecom solution in Industry like DXX Tellabs Digital Microwave & GSM Repeaters, BTS Installation work.